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Why Use Fixgerald Plagiarism Checker for Students?

The use of a student plagiarism checker always becomes a sufficient solution that will help you to check for those bits where a high rate of similarity has been detected. When you're working on an essay or a research paper, it is only natural to borrow certain information and bits of vital statistical data that will help to achieve justification for your thesis. The trouble comes in when you are not offering due credit to the original author or do not mention how exactly some information has been obtained. Since you also get a detailed report with a plagiarism checker for students, you can edit things right away by checking for citations or adjusting your writing to have a lesser similarity percentage rate.

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Consequences of Plagiarism For Students

The consequences of plagiarism in the academic community are not something that you should ignore! Most importantly, it can end up with the loss of trust and detention from your course or a total academic failure and criminal persecution in the cases with medical papers that have been published with wrong information. It is a very serious issue that also touches upon the moral qualities of the person and the loss of reputation.

The majority of college students that have been accused of plagiarism have reported that they were unable to get admitted to certain institutions because of their past history. Therefore, it is a severe issue! Using a plagiarism checker for college students, you can save yourself from the challenges of proving your point of being accused of something you have not done.

Tips On How to Avoid Plagiarism

While you will always hear that the best way to avoid plagiarism is to stay honest and check with your sources and references twice, there are still certain tips that will help you. The most important is to provide detailed and full information on each source that has been used and approach paraphrasing by stating a concept in your own words without distorting the original message. Here is what you have to do as you are using an academic plagiarism checker:

  • Check your in-text citations according to the formatting specified.
  • Approach paraphrasing but still credit any idea that is not yours.
  • Use a similarity report of a plagiarism checker to edit your writing.
  • Approach the “An Introduction - Quote - Personal Analysis” pattern and avoid using citations at the start or at the final part of your paragraph.
  • Using paper originality check features, consider using different words to describe a concept, and think about adding more text if acceptable.

If some part makes you feel concerned, discuss it with your academic advisor before you submit your paper, and think about adding specific sources and appendix documents if something must be provided in greater detail. This way, you won’t have to cite much in the content of your paper and will be able to decrease the total amount of quotations.

Use Plagiarism Checker for Students to Boost Your Writing

First of all, the Fixgerald plagiarism checker for students will help you to avoid trouble with your writing and get your content checked in greater detail. Unlike systems like TurnItIn that store your information and approach every new submission as a copy of what has been submitted before, our system does not violate your privacy and keeps your data safe! The most important is that you can check your writing as much as you would like without any limitations. You will not have to wait for the banners to appear anywhere or fill in any surveys.

The system is 100% free of ads and will process your data in 3-5 minutes, depending on the volume it will scan. Our online plagiarism checker for students is the ultimate solution that will help you to edit things when you get the report and see how it affects the final percentage before you submit your assignment! Why risk your life and grades when you can get things checked and let our AI-based scanner show you the results so you can edit them for the best results? Hurry up to check your paper and stay safe with the help of our reliable plagiarism checker for students!


It’s easy! Just use Fixgerald plagiarism checker! Sign in or log in to the system, paste your paper’s title, paste your text or upload your file in .doc, Docx, or txt file format. Accept our user policies, then click on check for plagiarism and wait for the report!

Absolutely! Many college professors and universities even insist on the use of various plagiarism checkers as they help students avoid plagiarism and correct things as they edit and provide due credit.

After you paste or upload your text in the window of our plagiarism detection tool for students, the system scans it through numerous websites and special databases by seeking similarities. Then it provides a detailed report with highlighted parts and the percentage ratio.

Essentially, all types of plagiarism can get you in serious trouble and end up with the cancellation of your course. It also includes self-plagiarism and cases when an incorrect or incomplete citation has been provided.

Anything below 15% is considered an acceptable percentage. Still, it will always depend on what kind of report is being provided. It is also relevant to academic publishing and magazines. If you are above 25%, it’s considered unacceptable.