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It will take from 2 to 7 minutes, depending on your content and the word count.

They represent those resources that meet the bits of your text. Click on "show in text" to see where exactly.

Anything below 15% is considered acceptable, yet your educational institution may have different rules.

Of course! You can check work for plagiarism free as much as necessary.

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What is Plagiarism and Why Use Online Plagiarism Checker?

When you are writing a paper, work with your blog post, or create an educational material, you may encounter so-called unintentional plagiarism when you quote someone or speak your thoughts by remembering what you have heard. Since the majority of universities will implement machine tools to detect plagiarism, this unintentional copying of someone’s work or ideas may bring you in trouble.

This is where a plagiarism detector comes to help you get rid of any problems. Remember that you can always paraphrase some quotes, yet it is not always possible, which is why checking your written content with a percentage of similarity becomes vital. It must be said that plagiarism is a serious issue these days, especially if you are dealing with a dissertation, marketing campaign, literary works, business content writing, or a typical research paper.

The Consequences of Plagiarism and Why Online Plagiarism Checker Saves Lives

Yes, it is not an exaggeration because the consequences of plagiarism can easily lead to the end of your academic career and getting expelled from your course. Even if your situation will not become serious, it will end up with a questioning of your honesty and morals, which is a very serious aspect for any student. The consequences you may encounter include:

  • Academic
    You can get expelled from the university course or have to pass the exam again if your plagiarism percentage is not too high.
  • Personal
    It will ruin your reputation and will make college professors, educators, or business partners have doubts regarding your skills and knowledge, let alone your honesty.
  • Professional
    If you are dealing with a marketing campaign, advertisement, product manuals, or blog posts, plagiarism issues may lead to copyright disputes and serious legal trouble, which is why it is vital to check things twice before publishing any content.

Even when you have to synthesize available academic data when writing a dissertation or composing a lab report, it is crucial to use a similarity checker before submitting anything. Such an approach will help you to adjust your text and edit it as much as necessary, especially if it is free.

The plagiarism consequences represent a serious issue for teachers and students alike, which is why checking your work becomes useful not only with a homework assignment but also instructions and quotes that one may provide for a team project or a business report.

It is a reason why college professors and entrepreneurs use it as well, considering that it helps to see the similarity report and keep yourself safe. Staying safe from copyright and originality issues is a very important professional aspect and a great way for students to prove their academic and personal values.

How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?

You only have to paste your paper’s title and insert your text or upload it in PDF, Docx, or text format to check your work. Clicking on the “Check For Plagiarism” button, you will have to wait about 2-5 minutes at best for the plagiarism similarity report to generate.

Once done, you will have the bits of text highlighted with the percentage and the list of sources where similarities have been encountered. You will see both the similarity index and the uniqueness of your text percentage. Of course, you can edit your text without ruining grammar rules and check it again without any limitations.

Our free plagiarism checker also shows grammar mistakes, so you can easily fix them and get unique text.

Can Plagiarism Be Avoided? Yes with Plagiarism Checker help

Yes, it can be avoided because it is free and does not store your information anywhere like Turnitin service, which means that you can upload your text safely and check it as much as necessary because:

  • It is absolutely free with no ads.
  • It shows a full report with highlighted text fragments.
  • It shows a similarity index with percentage and the uniqueness of your content.

Do not think twice and check your text with our free plagiarism checker! Keep your writing style and content safe!


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