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Why and how to level up your paper with our grammar checker?

Regardless of your writing skills and confidence level, using a reliable grammar checker becomes a tool that helps you avoid accidental mistakes. When we paraphrase, copy various parts from our drafts, or belong to international students learning English, checking grammar helps to improve each assignment and earn better grades.

The grammar check at Fixgerald is paired with an excellent plagiarism checker that provides you with the best of both worlds, as you can ensure that your paper is unique and flawless! Addressing various writing issues like spelling, repetition, tenses, and punctuation, we offer a solution that helps you to write better as you learn.

Main features of Fixgerald grammar checker

When you check your written content for grammar with our tool, you receive more than just a grammar checker. Indeed, we offer a professional tool to keep your writing up to the highest standards. After you sign up and log in, you can check your text and receive auto suggestions, correct punctuation, scan tenses use, and fix various writing issues.

Some other features include: 

  • Check your spelling and punctuation. 
  • It’s easy to use and free to try for grammar as soon as you sign in and log in. 
  • The auto-suggestion feature helps you to eliminate mistakes with a single click.
  • Protecting your privacy and never sharing personal information. 
  • Detecting plagiarism and checking grammar to get the best of both worlds.
  • Placing no ads as you check your texts so that nothing distracts you.
  • Highlighting grammar issues for you with a one-click correction system.

How to use

You must sign up and log in as you start working with our grammar checker online. Accordingly, you can then go through various grammatical errors and check your writing based on the automatic correction algorithms. As a writer, you may not notice at least half of them.

We have intentionally made the interface simple to save time as you scan through the complete plagiarism report, including a reliable grammar fixer. It will also highlight punctuation errors and offer word suggestions by addressing more than spelling mistakes. To receive your grammar check help, you can either paste or upload your content in .doc, .docx, or basic text format. Currently, there are three ways to check your content:

  1. Type in the open window on a website (checking box). 
  2. Upload the File from a computer or other device in .doc, .docx, or text format. 
  3. Use online storage: DropBox or Google Drive.

We offer one free check for plagiarism for new customers to improve things. You can check things once without making a payment. All further checks will require a monthly subscription of only $9.99! The grammar check is free.

Who can find the grammar check useful?

Most of those who seek grammar help belong to school and college students, teachers and researchers, bloggers, website owners, writers, content creators, translation specialists, and everyone who needs to ensure their writing is flawless and plagiarism-free.

  • Content writers can receive assistance with grammar checking and save a great deal of time as the automatic correction of punctuation and writing mistakes is handled by the system with no hassle. 
  • Freelancers can use the tool to keep their written content and presentations unique by checking things for grammar and plagiarism simultaneously. It helps to create a positive image and showcase strong writing skills and attitudes. 
  • If you are a webmaster, the chances are high that you do lots of editing and fixing to match the urgent changes or address specific SEO issues. Using our helpful tool helps to eliminate the challenges as you can check things online as often as you wish and quickly eliminate typos or repetitions. 
  • Copywriters can use the tool to eliminate similarities, as our tool will assist in making the content strong and unique. Since you can use the auto-suggestions feature, you can expand your vocabulary and find the right words to express your thoughts. 
  • Educators can use our solution to check a plethora of different assignments and use grammar correction features as things are checked for plagiarism and being unique as well. It helps teachers to save valuable time and highlight various parts of the paper to explain and show why the grades have been deducted. 
  • Business Purposes. Many organizations will benefit from using free grammar checker with a plagiarism elimination aspect. If one strives to be unique and keep the readability levels high, our online tool offers that at an affordable price and confidentiality.

Still, the most important is the educational benefit. As an average educator still determines content authorship, using a teacher plagiarism checker tool becomes a proper and fast solution. As a result, you get a detailed report and help to determine cases of academic misconduct. Using our trustworthy grammar corrector will also help one learn English and improve spelling and writing skills, as the system follows the highest academic writing standards.

How can online grammar checker help you to write better?

As you correct grammar in your content, you improve the writing mechanics of your school assignment or a social media blog post. Moreover, you automatically learn new things as your brain memorizes the rules. It is one of the reasons why our grammar checker report is so detailed and provides helpful suggestions.

By choosing our tool, you will definitely enjoy amazing auto-suggestions to keep you safe and inspired, one-click corrections to save you time, a free and extensive grammar check with comfortable highlighting, and an already included check for plagiarism.

Unlike similar solutions, our tool does not store your information anywhere and respects your privacy! Feel free to sign up, check grammar, and keep your writing flawless and plagiarism-free!


Yes! Just log in or sign up with our amazing tool and get your grammar mistakes fixed!

Yes, our tool includes detecting and reducing punctuation issues.

It scans your content for grammar and plagiarism issues to provide you with a list of mistakes to correct. Just paste or upload your text to generate the results.

You should check anything from college assignments to email correspondence, cover letters, business reports, resumes, marketing materials, articles, blogs, social media posts, lab reports, and any written content.

You will receive a detailed report with the originality percentage and grammar mistakes highlighted in red. You will be offered a list of suggestions. Click on each word to correct your mistakes.

No, our system won't store your content anywhere. Your privacy is our top priority!