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14 Apr 2022

This post will help you learn how to create unique content for your blog while avoiding plagiarism.

Create Unique Content for Your Blog

One of the biggest challenges numerous businesses and bloggers face today is finding new ways to be unique. In order to be recognizable within its audience, a brand usually creates original and enticing content – it’s the most important factor for a blog. However, nowadays it’s also more difficult than ever to do this.

There are tons of blogs and millions of pages of content out there. It can feel nearly impossible to develop something new or write on a tired old subject with your own interesting twist. It’s not only about using a plagiarism checker – you need to offer content that gives something fresh to your readers.

There are several ways you can do this, and today we’re going to help you learn all about them.

Unique Content: What Is It, and Why Does It Matter?

Before we can start explaining how to create unique content, we first need to go over all the basics. It will help you understand what needs to be done while developing your contact and how.

Unique content explained

Unique content is a blog post that is different from anything else on the web. It doesn't have the same key points, insights, statistics, research, and most importantly, it does not have duplicate content in it. In other words, original content is not borrowed or copied from other people’s work; it’s absolutely your own.

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Duplicate content explained

As the name implies, duplicate content is something that has been copied from another source. Your post shouldn’t have a single sentence that is completely identical to some other blog post on the web. If not, your content won’t be considered unique. Sure, in some cases, accidental matches can occur, and that’s why it’s a good idea to use a plagiarism checker.

Why does uniqueness matter?

There are many different reasons why having unique content on your blog is so important. Here are some:

  • It offers value. The main reason people read blog posts is that they need useful information or “value.” Whether your blog is about fashion, health, fitness, medieval weapons, or anything else, the information needs to be valuable to your target audience.
  • Attract new readers and keep them stay for longer. When visitors open a blog post they’ve read a dozen times before, they will bounce away almost instantly and never visit your blog again. However, having unique content, they will be more likely to read the entire post and check some previous ones.
  • Better SEO results. Google pays a lot of attention to on-site content, including blog posts. With unique content that’s properly optimized for SEO purposes, Google will slowly but surely rank your website higher in organic searches. At the same time, your blog posts will appear more often when people google its topic, especially if you’ve optimized them for the right keywords. Over time, this will also lead to growth in organic traffic.
  • Increased domain authority. Domain authority of a website equals credibility, and it depends on the quality of your content. When you continuously create unique content, your domain authority will grow. The search engine also looks at the quality of content and rewards you for your hard work.

How To Create Unique and Non-plagiarized Content

If you want to learn how to create unique content, here are some things you should do.

  • Do your research

Research is crucial when writing blog posts. Even if you write on a subject that’s been covered many times before, doing extensive research can provide additional information or value to readers. On top of that, doing research can help you brainstorm new key points and angles on how you can cover a topic.

Learning more about the topic can also help you discover new potential ideas for future posts and create unique topics based on your findings. Over time, it will define you as a blogger and make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Add personal input

As a blogger, you shouldn’t be scared of giving your personal input and writing through personal experience. Chances are you have a lot of experiences related to the niche of your blog, and with consistent research combined, you will be able to provide unique information that only you have.

Regardless of your niche, don’t be afraid to get involved and do some practical work. It will give you the experience and knowledge you need to write from your personal angle.

  • Use online plagiarism checker

As mentioned earlier, even the best bloggers can sometimes write sentences or phrases that match with some other content on the web. There’s simply a lot of information online, so in order to make your content 100% original, you need to use a plagiarism checker tool.

Fixgerald plagiarism checker lets you do this quickly and easily. You simply need to upload your text or document and start the scanning process. A tool will then crawl the Internet in order to find some possible similarities. Make sure to do this after you’ve edited and proofread your post.

  • Pay attention to details

Sometimes you simply can’t write about a unique topic, but in this case, you should offer additional details that other similar blogs don’t have. Go through lots of research, statistics, and competing blogs and compile data for multiple sources.

Of course, make sure to link sources and references where needed. Pay attention to visual elements as well and add videos, images, infographics, etc. Creating all media by yourself is a great way to engage your audience and make something really unique.

  • Write blogs that answer your questions

When you’re in a specific niche or industry, chances are you are interested in all the related topics as well. Of course, there will be things you don’t know and have unanswered questions on. When you have questions, try to see if anyone has answered them.

If there are no blog posts on the topic, write the answers yourself. That’s a great way to create unique posts while being involved on a personal level, which leads to better value overall.


In the end, remember to think outside the box and brainstorm your ideas. Don’t let yourself get into a repetitive loop, use creative approach, and don’t forget to check your new content via plagiarism checker. We hope this post helps you create unique content your readers will love.

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