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What is plagiarism for website owners?

Leaving the technical and moral peculiarities aside, plagiarism among website and blog owners is exactly the same issue as it is within academic writing since it still refers to the lack of proper referencing or the theft of someone’s intellectual property. As one takes a closer look at the damage done, it becomes apparent that website plagiarism can seriously ruin the company's reputation and bring to legal disputes and even criminal persecution. Luckily, with the use of a plagiarism checker for website evaluation, one can keep things safe and make sure that the text remains unique both in terms of the law and the SEO aspect of things. Keeping your content unique is possible!

Why use website plagiarism checker by Fixgerald?

When you have a business website and your manual or an idea has been stolen from another website, you are risking becoming a side of the legal dispute that can end up in serious fines or your site being taken down. There is also a moral side to plagiarism with web pages because it will show your visitors that you have the same content as your competitors. Moreover, if you claim that the website is copyrighted, you are violating the law. Then there are also serious SEO issues that can bring your website to the blacklist without a proper site for plagiarism check online.

You can use our website plagiarism checker to compare several websites and make sure that your text is unique or find where the other parts of someone else’s website have been encountered. When you are doing some research or need to find an original source, it can be helpful to find the original author and ask for permission. Our web plagiarism solution will help you to stay safe regardless of what objectives you are after! Finally, Fixgerald plagiarism checker can make your text unique by editing it as you scan!

Features of plagiarism checker for websites

You can use it as much as you wish without any text limitations. What you receive is the automation plagiarism checker that will compare your original source or content to the millions of websites online. Just paste and copy or upload your content in the text or MS Word document to have it scanned. It takes only about 2-3 minutes to get things done and see the similarity report with the parts that have been highlighted. It will help you to work with the SEO ranking and eliminate similarities that may be present. This way, you can edit the results if you want to keep your writing unique or see whether your competitors or anyone else has taken the parts of your web content.

The other important features as you check website content for plagiarism include a completely bannerless interface and confidentiality! If you want to publish your content or create a blog post, you will benefit from the quick check as an author, so you can avoid copyright disputes and possible plagiarism issues. Likewise, if you want to check whether someone has copied your text, it is the fastest way to verify and have the facts in a report by our tool.

How does a plagiarism checker for website work?

Start by registering or logging in, if you already have an account. Once logged in, you can either paste the parts of the website content, check several URLs, or upload the content as a document in MS Word format or the basic text format. Enter the name of the website or the article that you are reading and agree to our terms of service. Then click to search for plagiarism and wait for the report to become generated. Once done, you will see the highlighted parts and the percentage with the links to every page where the similarities have been found. Fixgerald plagiarism checker for the web will also highlight the grammar and spelling mistakes, so you can check it as well!

Keep your website plagiarism-free now!

Do not risk your website and learn how to protect yourself from SEO troubles as you work on your content. The most challenging is knowing whether your website page or blog post is unique. When you need to find the source, you can use the website plagiarism checker and find out what parts are encountered elsewhere. It is offered to help you make things unique and never have to worry about the safety of your website again as you avoid trouble. Hurry up to paste the web content and scan it for as much and as often as you wish to keep your pages 100% original!


It can be done by copying the content in question to a plagiarism checker by pasting it directly. The same relates to blog posts that you may have on Facebook, YouTube descriptions, or Instagram posts. It is also possible to upload the MS Word file.

It will always depend on the website in question. The legislation states that before one can file for copyright infringement, it's essential to check the "substantial similarity" factor between two content sources. Once identified, scroll down to the bottom to see the copyright part or see the user policy or "contact us" page of the website to determine the owners or the people behind the website.

As with every AI-based system, there may be false alerts or those entries where plagiarism did not really happen. It is recommended to take a look through each link and see if your phrase can be changed a little bit to meet the low similarity ratio. Other than that, the role of the plagiarism checker is to detect the possible threats to being unique as you write.

You should consult an intellectual property specialist first and discuss your content. Still, if you are posting something on Facebook or any other social media website, you should either specify that the content is copyrighted or use Javascript to protect the website from copying or the "save as" feature. Still, there are ways to override this type of protection, so legal measures must be taken!

You will be able to avoid intellectual property issues and possible copyright disputes. A plagiarism checker for websites will also help you to become ranked high as Google's SEO spiders scan through the originality of your content to avoid duplicates.