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Why should bloggers keep their content unique and use plagiarism checker for blog posts?

As a blog owner, you are constantly facing competition even if it’s just a personal blog or series of posts that you have created to describe your fashion ideas or share philosophical ramblings. Unfortunately, most content online gets copied and stolen all the time, which is why the use of plagiarism checkers should be the top priority tool to check for similarities.

Another method of keeping your content unique is working with SEO to prevent websites that use copy and paste from duplicating another website’s content to rank down the competitors. Using a plagiarism checker for bloggers, you receive an in-depth plagiarism and similarity report and also check your own writing for originality to prevent copyright disputes and the loss of reputation.

One should not ignore the consequences of plagiarism for bloggers like the legal disputes, decrease in visits, and damage to the brand name that can seriously affect your reputation and the SEO positions. Since things like that are very hard to eliminate online, it’s essential to take action first and check things twice.

How can bloggers detect plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be detected with the help of smart online detection tools like FixGerald. Since there are thousands of blog posts appearing daily, it’s virtually impossible to check them all for duplicate content, which is why an automatic scanning of your blog’s content is the only solution that will help you save time and stay aware of possible issues. The same relates to your writing, which should also be checked in terms of originality before you submit a post. The clever tool that we provide you with makes it easy to get the reports and do the checking anytime.

Our plagiarism checker for blog posts also helps you to address various SEO issues even if you are not an original blog creator and work as an SEO or online marketing specialist. By using this tool, you can suggest to the blog owner to make relevant changes and stay on the safe side. The flexibility of the tool will help you to see the violations and make quick edits by saving the reports and using various formats to check the content.

Tips on preventing plagiarism in blog writing

Thankfully, there are several ways that can help you eliminate various plagiarism issues, including:

  • Keep every source that has been used referenced and remember to use quotation marks for the direct quotes.
  • If you cannot find the original source for some information, use the FixGerald plagiarism scanner to determine where the article is found as you look for the original author information.
  • Look for primary sources, especially if you are dealing with a serious subject. Secondary referencing is better to avoid.
  • Take your time to write the blog post and learn how to paraphrase and proofread the content before getting it published.
  • Add a bibliography at the end of your blog post to help your target audience to locate the sources easier.

Using our Fixgerald blog plagiarism checker, you can enjoy the benefits of live editing as you can edit the text during the actual check and see the progress as you make relevant changes. It is also helpful when English is not your first language since you can use our error detection feature because our helpful tool also corrects grammar and spelling mistakes. It will help you to save time and stay on the safe side as you check your content. Using our success score, it is easy to focus on what needs your attention as the originality index will highlight the relevant parts and provide you with a short explanation in each case.

Why should my blog be reviewed for plagiarism?

If you are a beginner or a famous blogger, this matter will always remain relevant to you because the most important is to keep your content plagiarism-free. Regardless of your business type or the volume of content, getting your content checked regularly will not only help you to avoid similarities and copyright disputes but also let you address various SEO challenges and adjust things in real-time.

If you plan to make a name for yourself, keeping things unique is paramount for your success! When you address every theft the best way you can and keep your content original, it becomes ranked high among the search results, thus bringing you more visitors and recognition. Using FixGerald, you can keep your blog content scanned regularly and always stay safe!


You should paste your content to FixGerald's plagiarism checker for blogs to detect plagiarism and check whether it is original or not. It will help you to check for duplicates and determine if there are theft cases.

When there are duplicates of your content, SEO crawlers (automatic bots) will rank your content down and will evaluate the originality factor, thus affecting your popularity and/or sales.

In the majority of cases, it is a copyright infringement. There are also exceptions to the rule if you have a cooperation campaign or syndication of content. In such a case, you must provide a link to the original or follow the agreement's guidelines.

It is possible with the Fixgerald website plagiarism checker because you can let the system's algorithm compare the websites and see if the text have been copied.

Just like in the academic writing world, it is acceptable if you have around 15% of plagiarism. However, if a similarity report contains more than 25% similarity, it's essential to take action and edit the content.