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About Plagiarism History of Plagiarism for Students

Just when you think that we are living through the times when the protection of the intellectual property is making the news reports, you must remember that the issue of plagiarism has always been there as our history of plagiarism guide explores. It’s safe to assume that plagiarism has always been there for as long as people knew how to steal and turned to immoral practices of claiming that something they did not create belonged to them. Our guide aims to discover more regarding this interesting subject!

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About Plagiarism What is Plagiarism?

The worst nightmare of any college student, researcher, or even a famous blogger is dealing with plagiarism, which can easily result in detention from the course or even dealing with copyright disputes. Before one turns to plagiarism detection tools, it is vital to understand what plagiarism is and how avoiding plagiarism can be achieved. This set of skills will help you to keep safe regardless of your number of sources or paper’s structure. Our guide will help you to stay safe!

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About Plagiarism Self-Plagiarism: Why And How You Should Avoid It In Your Works

Can you plagiarize yourself? Is it possible to use the same paper for two classes? What if a student takes parts of their own work from one class and tries to use it again for something due in another class?